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“...I love dancing. Sure i love dancing in real concerts and nightclubs too, but the dancing I truly enjoy is the dance the flowers do when the wind hits them. Or the extra step you take when you walk down the sidewalk to hit the beat.”
The rollercoaster 2022

“...I love dancing. Sure i love dancing in real concerts and nightclubs too, but the dancing I truly enjoy is the dance the flowers do when the wind hits them. Or the extra step you take when you walk down the sidewalk to hit the beat.”
The rollercoaster 2022



A fun project i worked on a few years ago where i developed a magazine about myself inspired by a magazine i had at home, where the same photostyle and tone of voice was used.
The magazine i chose was focused around rockstars, therefore i had to make myself look like a rockstar.

Here you see the digital version of the printed magazine.

Inspiration: The Rolling Stones 60years aniversary edition for the french rock-magazine “Les inrockuptibles”l



this is a magazine about me so there will be a lot of ¨me myself and I¨

Written 22:47 with a bottle of red wine

August farewellparty 


I believe that life is a party. in what way you might ask? No, I do not wake up and take a shot of jägermeister to start the day off.
I definitely do NOT wake up every day so happy that I dance my way out of the bed and all the way to school or whatever errand I have. I mean in the way the smoke from your first cup of coffee dances up and gives you a tingling sense
of sensation with the fresh scent of coffee filling up the kitchen and your nose.

I mean that first song you specifically choose to start your day off to have a good day, or if you ́re like me you put on your favorite radio show who have comfortable voices to wake up to and who you know can put a smile on your face. Kind of like a party, but with orange juice as drink, the eggs sizzling in the frying pan as background noise and yourself as company.

And dancing, I love dancing. Sure i love dancing in real concerts and nightclubs too, but the dancing I truly enjoy is the dance the flowers do when the wind hits them. Or the extra step you take when you walk down the sidewalk to hit the beat.

Or the little dance your toes make when you’re a little too exited. Or when you’re in a place where it ́s not socially acceptable to dance. So you create this vision inside your head of how you would’ve danced right now if your could,
at least i do.

The lights, can not forget the lights. They’re almost the most important thing when it comes to set the mood for a party. No one wants a too bright nightclub, that’s just awkward.
When you really want to dance like nobody’s watching,
but you feel like everyone’s watching. Nobody likes that.

I think strobelights is one of my favorites. Strobelights in all colors, or just the classial white ones. I love when you experience very heavy strobelights, you know when it feels like the world pauses every second. It kind of feels like you’re falling, all the time, it feels so weird but sooo good.

Ahh yes and of course, the main form of light, the sun. I think the most beautiful thing I know in this world, except from myself of course, are sunrises and sunsets.
Once I told my crush, who I thought would be my boyfriend some day, might still happen, who knows. Anyways, we walked past one of the beautiful old buildings in Oslo where you could see the sunset reflected in the window, but you couldn’t really see the whole sunset, except in the windows of this tall building.

I told him that the reflecting sunset in the windows was one of the most beautiful things I knew. Which is 100% true, and if he remembers this and tells me one day, that would make it even more beautiful.


That is also one of my favorite things in the world. When people remember things, very specific things you told them once. My best friend, Evy Marie, is very good at this. Which is one of the reasons I think I appreciate her so much.
Or it’s just an ego trip,
who knows.

Other things that give me joy you ask? or no one asked, but here we are. Workout is a huge factor of my happiness, but that’s boring to talk about.

Ah yes! A party needs bass, a lot of it. The best bass
is the sound a really heavy motorcycle makes when it starts. Nononononooo not the ones who drive past your house at 23.00 when you’re trying to sleep, absolutely not, i hate those too don’t worry. I mean the really classy ones that you can hear are made to perform and not to make as much sound as possible.

The sound a horse makes when it’s really happy, that’s also a kind of bass i love, as well as happy dog barks and cat purring. Gives me serotonin just writing about it. Or is it oxytocin? whatever, you understood.

You can not possibly have a good party without snacks. There needs to be a bowl of chips on the table. Just like I need food preferably every 3 hours. Preferably also good food, if i don’t have access to something i find enjoyable i’ll stay hungry. Yes, your are right I am a lonely child, thank god i could not (nor my parents) handle two of me.
It is possible to have a party for one but I prefer to enjoy it with my closest friends. They’re the key to me being able to be who I want to be. Ugh that was a little disgusting, but I do not know what I would do without them. They are the lenses to my horrible eyesight. Sometimes you put them on the wrong eye or they fall out or they just irritate your eye so much during the day that it turns red. I still love them despite my short temper which I inherited from both my mom and dad, nope not a good combo.

One of the most important factors for me to enjoy the party is a good outfit. I normally go for a crop top, maybe some leather pants or skirt with some cool boots, maybe the kneehigh ones if I feel a little spicy. Sometimes I also add a fake fur jacket to top it off, just to get the right balance between spicy and disgusting.

Fashion is a great passion of mine and I do dream of working in a big fashion house once in the future. No,
I don’t dream of it, it’s my goal. I’d like to be on every fashion week so I could possibly manage and market big brands.


When it comes to picking the shot of the night I always go for the tequila. Yes I’m a tequila girl, I’m sure you’re not surprised. That is only if they have lime and salt, or lime and lime, I’ll survive that too. The most important thing with the tequila shot is to bring at least 2, preferably 3 or more friends down with you. The tequila shot in everyday life must be waking up. I hate waking up early. Except for when my mom wakes me up with coffee on the bed, I love that.


My favorite kind of parties are theme-parties. I think the most successful theme party we (me, Lina and Sandra) hosted was the color theme party where everyone got dressed up in one full color. People were so creative and bought pink, blue and purple wigs just for the occasion. Everyone next to each other was like a piece of colorful art with colorful souls. Portraying a soul or a feeling is something I try to utilize when I paint. My goal with my art is to express myself as well as try to make people experience the feelings I visualize in the artwork.

One of my favorite things about a party is when it ends. When you’ve had such a good time and you just want
to find your bed after eating a juicy (vegetarian) burger. I’m not one of the psychos who eat their fast food in the bed, they have a special place in hell. What’s fun about this part of the party is that sometimes I’m the person who goes home at 6AM, blink blink, when the earlybirds have started their morning jog. And sometimes I’m the earlybird who jogs lighty in my HOKA’s past the barefoot girl carrying her stilettos. I love both equal- ly much. One has already got a high after high pulse and one is about to.


70’s party 

Stealing a bottle of Martini from the bar and sharing out shots to the table
New Years Eve 2019

I almost forgo the funniest thing during a party must be when someone falls asleep.
Might be childish, yes, But i hope i never grow up.
Cabin trip 2022